Custom Fifth Avenue Escutcheons

Customer Requirement:

The architect designed unique custom escutcheons for a 50+ door project north of Toronto which were used with our new Fifth Avenue Collection lever. The interior escutcheons were 5” x 20” and were mortised into the face of ebony black doors with a 20” faceplate creating the look of a full wrap around the doors.

Classic Solution:

The escutcheons were ½” thick overall with a ¼” two step frame that was assembled to the backplate. The project was specified with Accurate Lock mortise locks throughout the interior while the exterior doors were primarily multi-point door applications. In addition to the unique wrap appearance of the hardware, the architect requested we fully conceal the mounting fasteners on both sides of the door. The project was finished in Polished Nickel (PN) for the interior hardware and Oil Rubbed Bronze (BZ) on the exterior doors.

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