Our customers need solutions on a daily basis which simply are not available in our catalog, nor that of any other door hardware manufacturer. The true value of Classic Brass to our dealers is our desire to be ‘the solution’ to their client's unique requirements. We have the flexibility and technical knowledge to address the real world problems other hardware companies cannot react to...unusual plate sizes, limited clearance issues, exotic finishes – we will respond to your needs and offer the solutions you seek. The following short stories are examples of how we have provided Classic Solutions to our valued dealers.


Hammered Escutcheons


Chip's client requested the entire surface of our 2-1/2" x 20" Fifth Avenue escutcheons with the two-step edge detail to be hammered. The client requested the top of the Chautauqua COIN knob to be hammered as well.  Lastly, the client specified their 5" x 20" flush pulls with the hammering detail on the entire surface. 

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Custom Flush Pull


One of our new Chautauqua Collection edge details was specified for a project which required a small (2" x 5") flush pull to use with an Accurate 2000 flush pull mortise lock.  

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Multi Point Window Lever


The client selected our new Chautauqua Collection rope lever for their residence. The project consisted of a large number of multi point windows with a specific maximum projection of 2.75" requirement for the lever/escutcheon due to clearance issues. 

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Coin Cremone


Mike was working with his client who specified the new COIN lever offered in the Chautauqua Collection. The interior designer wanted to develop an active cremone set to complement the levers and roses specified on the project.

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