Our Story

In 1996, J. Christopher Creighton founded Classic Brass, the first manufacturing company of handcrafted, traditional solid brass hardware established in the United States since 1946. His father, who was in the hardware business for decades, instilled in him a passion for excellent designs with fine detail, backed by the very best customer service. Our exceptional staff is pleasant, easy to work with, and takes pride in being leaders of handcrafting high-quality, solid brass hardware here in the United States. We strive to continually develop innovative designs and solutions for your home, and are honored to welcome you to our family tradition of quality.

"We love the quality craftsmanship of their American-made products and appreciate the knowledge and great customer service they provide."

Mike Weaver, W.T. Weaver & Sons, Washington, DC


clas sic /klasik/

of enduring interest, quality or style serving as a standard, model, or guide something noteworthy of its kind

American Craftsmanship

We are driven by a strong desire to be a great American company that is best-in-class in all we do. We consider our employees to be the most accomplished in our industry. The pride they take in their work can be experienced in every piece of hardware that we produce.

Family of Dealers

Our products are available through an exclusive number of premiere dealers that provide quality choices and excellent service to their customers. Our experienced dealers are located in key cities throughout the world and possess the technical ability to specify our hardware. We encourage you to contact our valued dealers to learn more about Classic Brass. click here.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our customers to provide them with the finest products we can make, to our employees to provide them with a great place to work, and to our Chautauqua County community to be good corporate citizens by sourcing as much as possible locally.