Classic Finishes

Classic Brass hardware is finished to order. Our American craftsmen possess years of experience, incredible skill and the artistic eye to create distinctive finishes that are recognized throughout the industry. Art meets science with a combination of highlighting, wax and plating techniques to create rich color tones and hues. You can choose from a wide range of finishes to match your unique home and style.
Antique Brass (AB)
Antique Burnished Brass (ABB)
Antique Revere Brass (ARB)
Burnished Brass (BB)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (BZ)
Kensington (KN)
Polished Antique (PA)
Polished Antique No Lacquer (PANL)
Polished Brass (PB)
Polished Brass No Lacquer (PBNL)
Revere Brass (RB)
Revere Tarnished (RT)
Satin Brass (SB)
Satin Brass No Lacquer (SBNL) 
Satin Tarnished (STN)
Tarnished (TN)
Weathered Brass (WB)
Weathered Bronze (WZ)
Antique Burnished Nickel (ABN)
Antique Nickel (AN)
Antique Revere Nickel (ARN)
Burnished Nickel (BN)
Matte Black (MB)
Polished Chrome (PC)
Polished Nickel (PN)
Revere Nickel (RN)
Satin Nickel (SN)
Weathered Antique Nickel (WA)
Weathered Copper (WC)
Weathered Nickel (WN)
Antique Polished Silver (APS)
Antique Revere Silver (ARS)
Polished Silver (PS)
Revere Silver (RS)
Satin Silver (SS)
Polished Gold (PG)
Satin Gold (SG)
Aged Iron (AI)
Aged Silver (AS)
Aged Bronze (AZ)
Matte Black (MB)
Natural Bronze (NB)
Sterling (ST)

Finish Details

"Classic Brass is so dependable when it comes to the quality of their finishes. We have projects that we service for years and we routinely need to order additional parts and pieces. In the world of living finishes this is always a challenge, but not for Classic Brass. Their finishes are so consistent it's insane."

— Mark Gabel, President , Safe and Sound, Naples, Florida

Finishing Process

Once our finishing process begins, at least five craftsmen apply their unique skills to every item we produce.  We finish each order as a production lot to achieve consistent quality.  Each operation is performed by a single craftsman to ensure that every item in the lot is finished to specification.  Most importantly, each craftsman represents a quality control step in the process – our eyes-on assurance that your finishes will have the exact appearance to what was ordered.

Product Care

Care of Finishes

Our finishes on solid brass or bronze hardware are created through a series of refined handcrafted finish steps. The protective coating on all of our finishes are either lacquered or wax (i.e. living) finishes. The living finishes will naturally age, resulting in a unique patina based on a combination of factors including time, climate, environment and level of use. These factors contribute to the changes which will occur in living finishes and are the reason for difference between samples and the ultimate finish. Cleaning all surfaces with a mild soap, water, and non-abrasive cloth will help the hardware age gracefully. Please contact us with any questions regarding finish life, maintenance and recommendations.

Care for Wax (Living) Finishes

Occasionally apply a clear furniture paste wax and allow to dry. Using a soft cloth, remove the dried wax, gently hand- buff and shine to level of desired brightness. A soft bristle brush is recommended to remove any excess wax from low ground or detail (i.e. coin, rope, etc.) that may be hard to remove with a cloth. For best results, paste wax should be applied every six months.

Care for Lacquer Finishes

For best results and a lasting finish, we recommend that you maintain lacquer coated products with a mild soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

*All harsh chemicals and abrasives must be avoided.

Our Promise

The Classic Brass family takes a great deal of pride in the products produced by our team of American craftsmen. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the material and workmanship of our products. Our handcrafted wax finishes on solid brass and bronze products are known as a “living finish” which means it will change with time, touch, climate and care techniques. Our finishes that are shipped with a lacquer coating guaranteed for a period of one year from date of receipt. Our wax finishes will naturally change over time due to issues such as climate, environment and level of daily use. The natural patina process will result in a unique finish, therefore not eligible for warranty or return. We will refinish at our expense all products returned that we deem to be a defective finish.

Due to the fact each product will be exposed to a varying set of conditions, we do not warranty the finish of our products except as stated above. Repeated handling and use will result in an inherently beautiful and graceful finish desired by the finest residences across the world.